We hope this post finds everyone happy, healthy and able to enjoy at least one summer adventure!

Because this is an architectural blog, here are a few places I did not expect to find while vacationing but share as great finds!  Biloxi, Mississippi – what heartache, still.  I was very surprised to find so many empty lots along such pristine beach.  All the homes and business’ lost in Katrina have not been rebuilt.  Being on the beach is like exploring the moon alone.  Slight exaggeration but not too off base.

What we did find along the beach front is the Ohr-O’Keefe museum.  Ohr is lovingly known as the “Mad Potter”; O’Keefe is the family behind his discovery fifty years after Ohr’s death.  What is the architectural connection?  Well, Mr. Frank Gehry collects (or owns) a few pieces of Ohr’s pottery and took the job to plan and design the museum that houses Ohr’s collection.  It is the smallest museum campus that Mr. Gehry has worked on.

Orh-O'Keefe Museum by Gehry

Orh-O’Keefe Museum by Gehry

Another great find, a town over in Ocean Springs, is the Walter Anderson museum.  Mr. Anderson was a painter who intentionally lived in harsh terrain to seek inspiration from his subject matter.  He had a tremendous interest in ancient art and patterns and developed that form over time with organic subject matter.  The architectural connection – part of the museum is Ocean Springs’ original City Hall assembly room.  Mr. Anderson was commissioned to paint floor to ceiling height wall murals.  Truly incredible and mesmerizing to look at!

Walter Anderson City Hall Mural

Walter Anderson City Hall Mural

Both places are worth a visit should you be near the Gulf Coast of Mississippi!