Design is personal.

I love to draw from my client’s imagination.  Whether it is a renovation or addition generating a messy palate or a new build with clean lines on a brand new site, either way, I work with my Clients to find the best design solution for the project.

During my 9th grade humanities class, I fell in love with architecture.  Hearing about our ancient structures like the Acropolis in Greece, the Parthenon and the Coliseum in Italy fascinate me.  But when I had that opportunity to see it firsthand on a family trip, it all clicked.  I wanted to study and practice architecture.

There is never one solution.

I’ve been practicing architecture and design 25 years on large commercial, small commercial and residential projects. I am interested in most building types and am open to complex renovations.  I believe it’s my diversity of portfolio that allows me to bring new fresh concepts into the design equation.

Our Process

Turco McCarthy has been envisioning new spaces for Clients since 2009. Call me, Allyson, at 404.395.4569 to start the process. We first set up a no cost consult at your property to discuss the project.  Then I draft a scope of work proposal outlining anticipated services and corresponding fees.  With acceptance of the proposal, we set a start date to begin designing with you.

To see a formal resume, please visit my LinkedIn page by hitting the icon below right.

Articles and Press

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