Summer travels and article nomination!

My family traveled last week to Oregon and circled the National Parks.  I love witnessing architect in nature.

We started in Crater Lake; absolutely gorgeous and a natural cistern.  Here was a mountain volcano that erupted and collapsed upon itself.  The walls became a natural filtering system; there is no source in or out so the water is pure and not contaminated.  Again, a natural cistern.

Moving to Mount Shasta we have the opposite effect; plates moving and pushing together to create a mountain and gorgeous vista.  Snow covered, Mt. Shasta creates its own weather and impact on the surroundings.

Last stop, the Redwood forest with 200 – 300 foot tall trees.  They are natural skyscrapers with circumferences allowing the height and creating a tree canopy and eco system that protects and encourages life.

While traveling and taking in the wonder of nature’s architecture, I was nominated by a client for an article in voyageATL.  Here is my story on becoming an architect and practicing the last 25 years.

I’d be honored if you read it.