On the Boards

As we ease into spring and leave winter, Turco McCarthy Architecture and Design has brought several projects from design concept into the permitting or construction phases.

2016 into 2017 brought the following:

  • Two accessory structures 
  • A complete renovation and second floor addition to a SFR
  • An attic expansion in Historic Decatur
  • Exploration of a SFR street front redesign to increase curb appeal
  • Exploration of a SFR expansion and interior remodel
  • Commercial Three Story Mixed Use building in Florida

Soon these projects will have before and after shots.  See our website for completed projects!

Here is a sampling from above.

Existing SFR street frontage….


Proposed redesign…..

new elevations-1 -7-15-161024_1

New three story mixed use commercial property in Florida….

Delray Beach Site Plan 3-9-171024_1

and SFR expansion and interior remodel…..

Existing plan:


Proposed plan: