Let’s End 2020!

2020…What a year! While covid has been a huge challenge and strain on our lives, it brought a new type of living.

Work from home…school from home…in law and family suites…outdoor living! In Georgia, we are fortunate for the warmer climate that brings the ability to visit outdoors with others.

This said, 2020 brought many new residential clients to me. Amazing families looking to create more living space for children in virtual school with working parents and a need for more space; inside and outside.

Many project scopes in 2020 were interior remodels to create the real master suite and / or expand the kitchen and living area. Most included a new rear deck with covered areas or screen porch.

In fact, 2020 was the first year in eleven where I did not receive a request to provide commercial services. Every new project proposal involved single family residence design in the form of new construction or an addition with a renovation component.

As 2021 approaches, consider how 2020 may have changed how you live as an individual, couple, family or community. Let Turco McCarthy aid in the transformation of your home or design a new home for the new life style needs this past year presented.